Burian Emaradu (celticacid) wrote in darkdharma,
Burian Emaradu

You are bound to suffer

You chase after dreams,
You fall down a well and you die.
You awaken,
Screaming as the morphine drip wears thin,
As the needle in your vein disintegrates and your body tumbles and
Breaks and crashes upon the ruins of Babylon's tower.
Speak to your conscience,
Say to it convinced of your own lies,
"I need you no more, I need you no more, I need you no more. Release me."
Thus freed, shriek into a chaotic maelstrom of searing flame and barbed ice.
Cold and lust burning sans the the warmth of compassion and kindness.

Fall prey to succubic spirits as their cries
Surround you,
Bind you.
Hold you with arms
And tongues
And legs
And lies.
Drained of soul, and all thoughts of who you once were,
Possessing only forgotten taste of their
Razorblade lips and candy kisses.
Beg and
Cry and
Want as you will, and be cast aside like a young boy's soiled rag.
Until you see the illusions of
Love and
Hope and
Then give chase and
Fall down and
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